Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Y'all, I am very nearly out of new books to read.

I can only get books from the library if I know they exist -- there's no way to browse. The new book page has kept me going, but the library has slowed down its purchases over the past month (for obvious reasons), and now I've read everything I want to from the new books.

I still have all of our books, which I could re-read. So thing aren't desperate.

But suggestions will be accepted gratefully!


D Shannon said...

I apologize, but the first two books that came to mind are old.

*The Ghost Map, by Steven Johnson (2006), and
*Bring Out Your Dead, by J. H. Powell (1949).

delagar said...

Is the Ghost Map the one about the epidemic?

D Shannon said...

It's the one about the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak in London and the efforts to determine its cause.

Bring Out Your Dead is about the 1793 Philadelphia yellow fever outbreak.

delagar said...

I've had the one about cholera on hold at the library for MONTHS

Well, weeks anyway

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Have you read Dread Nation? I really enjoyed it.

I paid real money for Theodora Goss's entertaining Lady Monster books (not what they're really called).

My library added a bunch of Pandemic E-books so I've been reading a bunch of old fluffy Marion Chesney/ M.C. Beaton books. One is called the traveling matchmaker which gives you an idea.

Other random suggestions:

An elderly lady is up to no good
Red, white & royal blue (it sounds ridiculous but maybe give it a chance?)
Seanan McGuire/ Mira Grant's zombie books (Feed, etc.)
I haven't read it in years and huge warning that I found it genuinely disturbing, creepy, and horrifying, but SO well done that I read it and just had nightmares anyways:

delagar said...

Those all look good! Thank you!

A said...

Second shadow unit. I've also really been enjoying the decameron project on patreon.

delagar said...

Oh, I need to go check in on the Decameron project -- I forgot about it!