Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Cases in the USA

The CDC reports that as of 1:00 PM today there are 374, 329 cases of Covid-19 in the USA. (Bear in mind that these are confirmed cases. Actual number of cases is probably much higher.)

Deaths so far: 12,064.

A month ago we had 279 cases in the USA.

Arkansas has 915 cases so far. Eight of those are in my county.

Stay well, y'all.


D Shannon said...

I am so old that I remember Republicans saying Covid-19 was nothing because 12,469 Americans died from H1N1 in 2009.

I wonder what they will say now?

delagar said...

Those on my FB feed are now blaming Obama.

See, HE didn't do ANYTHING for the Swine Flu epidemic (not true, obviously) and YET no one blamed HIM.

So our expecting Trump to do anything useful is just because we hate America.