Thursday, August 20, 2009


It is The Back to School Pre-School session, where we have our long, long, long No Sexual Harassment Training and our How To Improve Retention Training and our What To Do When The Tornado Comes Training and our Provost's Pep Talk and it lasts from 8.00 to 5.00 and I am sooooo tired.

Though, in fact, we finished up early today, and they did feed us lunch.

And tomorrow is meetings -- department meetings and faculty meetings and I forget what else meetings and why is all this so much more tiring than teaching?


Tree of Knowledge said...

Because you actually get to do something when you're teaching?

You'd think that the same people who encourage us to be more engaging and innovative in order to retain students and keep telling us stuff like "a student only pays attention for 7 minutes" or whatever would know that all day meetings (or mandatory meetings all day) tend to be ineffective and hate-inducing.

I swear, every semester I get one step closer to totally reverting back to my 7th grade pep rally personality (sit in the back of the room and shout obscenities at the cheer leaders).

Mine are week after week. Next week are the little meetings to prep for the big meetings. Le sigh.

delagar said...

Gah. My sympathies. At least ours only last 2 days.

Tree of Knowledge said...

oops. I meant mine are the week after next (3 days), but I'll take your sympathy anyway. :) I shouldn't try typing with a migraine.