Saturday, August 15, 2009


I had a post up about that Arhyalon's item's lord & master, which I deleted, because he had deleted the lj post in question.  Here, however, is a discussion of it.

Basically, like Arhyalon, he is filled with fail, and my point in the original post was it is no wonder she is in such denial -- she would have to be.

Elsewhere on his lj he preens himself for "forgiving" those who reacted with such vehemence to his homophobic post.  He turned the other cheek to their troll spew, he claims, since that is what Jesus would want.  Nor could he do that without having given himself to Jesus -- what motive could there be for acting decently, he inquires, without Jesus in one's heart?

My, am I sick of Christians coming forth with that argument.

Plato, of course, rebutted it 2500 years ago.  You live in this world, he pointed out.  You live among your neighbors.  If you act badly toward your neighbors, you make the world a worse place.  If you act decently toward them, you make the world a better place.  Where are you going to live?  Why, obviously, in this world, Socrates.  Therefore, unless you are a dimwit, you will act decently toward your neighbors (and, as Plato points out, all the world is your neighbor).

Why Xtians need a Sky-Fairy and a threat of hellfire to enforce the simple logic of this is the real mystery, in my opinion.

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