Sunday, August 23, 2009

Health Care Crisis

Here, from Daily Kos, are a series of charts breaking down the data, state by state, on how many of us are uninsured, and how many of us who, despite having insurance, are nevertheless going broke paying for healthcare -- paying 10%-25% or more of our income on healthcare costs despite having insurance.

I haven't run the numbers on what I am paying, because, duh, numbers, but I'll reckon I fall in there somewhere, since every month I'm paying the orthodontist, two different dentists, five different doctors and hospital bills, nine different prescription meds (five for me, four for mr. delagar), not to mention any little ancillary bills that might come up, such as if the kid gets an earache or mr. delagar needs a new CPAP or I need a new set of glasses ($480 dollars that was, not one penny of it covered).  And I have health insurance!  I pay something like five hundred a month for health insurance, and extra for dental!

And then there's this (scroll down) -- did you see this?  RAM, which is an organization that visits Third World Countries, to provide medical care for their populations, went to Los Angeles! To provide health care for United States Citizens!  And the lines were three days long!  That's what we are now!  Third world citizens!

Best health care in the world my liberal ass.


Julianna said...

The only thing we spend more money on than healthcare is our mortgage, and I'm not sure that's always true.

Karenne S said...

One British mother writes about the NHS healthcare system and how Republicans should stop whining about Health Care Reform.
The link is: