Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Cops Putting Citizens in their Place

I'd say I can't believe this shit, except I totally can: over on Pandagon, Pam, who keeps track of these issues, has a clip of a 73 year old woman getting tased by one of our fine Police for giving him mouth on Hwy 71.

She's about five feet tall, this great-grandmother, obviously not armed and dangerous, and her high crime? Speeding. (Police have been running speedtraps like crazy where I live lately, trying to make up for falling revenues, so I imagine it's the same there.) 

She's miffed, I imagine, at getting pulled over for DWP -- police where I live, I have noticed, never pull over the Hummers or the giant SUVs or the Jags that zip past me going 95; no, it's always the pickups like the one this woman is driving, or my bit of shit car (I've been pulled over six times in the past two years, always for going less than fifteen miles over the limit, twice for bullshit -- once because my tags were "on wrong,").  Anyway, so instead of doing what you're "supposed to" when the police have you, which is act all nice and apologetic, she talks back.

This giant police officer shoves her around, yells at her, throws his clipboard at her, threatens to tase her ("I dare you," she snaps back), and then?  Then the fucker tases her!

Then, while she's lying on the side of the highway wailing in pain, fucker threatens to tase her again, threatens her over and over -- get your hands behind your back, he keeps yelling, or you'll get tased again!  She keeps crying that she can't do it, he keeps bellowing threats.

So here's my question: still time for a beer, is it?

Update: And, of course, in the comment section of the Fox Station where the clip is originally posted, most of the commenters are defending the cop -- as did his boss.  Bitch had it coming, see.  Should have shut up and done what the cop said.  Appropriate use of force, and tasers never hurt nobody anyway.

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zelda1 said...

Yeah, like she was some threat or something. I hated this.