Sunday, August 09, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Plan Is Killing Grandma!

Have you seen the idiot anti-healthcare reform ad, the one where Ma and Pa Kettle sit at the kitchen table and Pa is furious because gummit healthcare has denied him his surgery, while nevertheless his tax dollars are paying for abortions?

"They can't do that!" Ma Kettle says.  "You need that treatment!"

Pa Kettle says, "People like me can't get the medical care we need, but we're being forced to pay for abortions!"

Hold on Ma and Pa Kettle staring, outraged and distraught, into one another's good, honest, moral, American eyes.

Nearly as hearty as the ad that claims that if the HC Reform passes YOU will be FORCED to consider euthanasia as an OPTION!!!1!

Amanda says this:

Hell, the government in all but a couple of states already has inhumane laws limiting the choice of how to die for people with terminal illnesses.  We’re still pushing back against states that set artificial limits on how much morphine a dying person can have for fear that they’ll get addicted, presumably in the afterlife.  We haven’t even set foot on the slippery slop towards mandatory euthanasia that anti-choicers tell us we’ll all be on if we allow the dying to have some pain relief and dignity. But now we’re told that Obama’s going to take your guns and shoot grandma with them. 

And more, basically pointing out the fallacious goodness to all these stories the Insurance Companies and their lobbies are spreading.

Which doesn't stop the Right from lapping it up, like the lap dogs they are.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong for me to feel that if you really believe the government is going to kill you then you pretty much deserve to die anyway. You know, strengthening the gene pool and whatnot.

delagar said...

Heh. Evolution in action sort of thing?

zelda1 said...

OH the fuck. Don't get me started on this propaganda shit from the far fucking right.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, delagar.

Amen, zelda.

These people are pissing me off.