Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Are You Doing Now?

Oh, Sigh -- Four days until school starts, and what am I doing?

  • The kid comes back tomorrow -- well, actually, we are driving up the hill to fetch her, so that takes care of tomorrow.  (Yay!  I have been missing the kid.)
  • I am working -- more or less -- on my RaceFail09 paper, for which I have so far done about 1/4 of the research and come up with an extremely vague outline
  • I am revising book six of the Great Big SF Trilogy (Hee -- yes. It is a 7 book Trilogy.)
  • I am cleaning house, sporadically and room by room.
  • I am working on the syllabus for the fiction workshop I am teaching, for the first time EVER, this semester.  I have no idea how to teach a fiction workshop.  What in shit am I going to tell these people?  11 of them in the class so far.  What the shit do I know about writing fiction?  I visualize sitting in class, gazing at them, and mumbling, "Well, um, write it better, y'all.  You know.  And..."  Somehow I don't think that will get me stellar ratings.  
  • I am drinking way too much rum.  What can I say? Life is hard and liquor is easy.


zelda1 said...

You know what to tell them. Show don't tell. And, you know how to tell them to work up the hill to the rise and back down and all that crap. You are a great fiction writer, so you are the best person for the job.

Karenne said...

If you are as passionate about fiction writing as you are about the history of the English language and English grammar, I know you will have a great class.

Your very first "English Grammar" class went well and this one will, too. Just be yourself and the rest will come naturally. You know your stuff!


Tree of Knowledge said...

Have you read David Sedaris's essay about teaching a fiction class? It's in Me Talk Pretty One Day.