Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is a story that, here in the Academy, I've been keeping an eye on.  California, along with other states, is low on money. (Oklahoma, and some of those midwestern states, are in nearly as bad a fix.)  Among other things, California is "furloughing" the faculty at its public universities.

What this means is they're cutting the pay of the faculty and staff by some percentage: 8-9%, usually.  Faculty are then supposed to work 8-9% less.

But -- get this!  Not on teaching days.  That's the decision that's just come down in California.  Don't cut instructional days!  Show up to teach every day.  And you're "allowed" to do research on your furlough days!

In other words?  Do the same job for less pay!

Because that'll show the Legislature!


tonkelu said...

Isn't it fun? Mr. Tonks is working for 20% less yet he's still working the same amount of time. Now if he walks through the door even 10 minutes late it royally pisses me off. Not with him but with his firm. IMHO he should get one day off per week but that won't happen. Hell, he's supposed to work 1/2 days on Friday (summer hours) but I think that's actually worked for him 3 times so far. Fuckers. I hate them. A new job can't come soon enough. The kicker is that even though you're definitely being taken advantage of you still have to be grateful because at least you have a goddamn job.

delagar said...

Gah! They're not cutting his hours even though they cut his pay? WTF?

tonkelu said...

WTF indeed. Assholes.

Julianna said...

At my job we're expected to be grateful if we aren't laid off, even though it means a substantial pay cut, fewer benefits, no chance of promotion, no raises, and the list of worsening circumstances goes on. I don't know if I will be laid off yet. They've been pondering this question for months, always telling us we will probably find out "next week."

Since my husband lost his job a couple of weeks ago, this waiting game with my job is one I have to play. There aren't any other jobs out there. People I know who have already been laid off are forming their own solo businesses and hoping they can make enough to improve on unemployment benefits and pay their COBRA for 18 months. After that, who knows?

It's a nightmare.