Friday, August 14, 2009

What I Did Today

I actually got things done today.  This is so unusual I have to share.

  • I finished mowing the lawn, which, monumental task
  • I fixed the dryer, so very impressive, though actually it turned out to be not that difficult.  As I said to mr. delagar (who has finished his dissertation, btw, and will be defending in 2 weeks and thus very soon must be called dr. delagar) as I said to him when I figured out what was wrong with it -- a clogged air hose -- all my problems should be as easily fixed as this dryer
  • I revised 26 pages in the current novel
  • I did six loads of laundry, now that I can
  • I mopped the kitchen floor
  • I spoke to the kid, twice.  She is in Wyoming and will soon be home again.  Come home, kid!  She's been gone weeks & weeks, vacationing to San Francisco and Seattle and Yellowstone Park.
  • I finished Richard Russo's new book, That Old Cape Magic, which was readable, but not nearly as good as Nobody's Fool. I'm afraid nothing he has written has pleased me as much as Nobody's Fool, which, frankly, is a perfect book.  Well, I would give my back teeth to write one perfect book, so that's all right I guess.

Not bad for  Thursday, is it?

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