Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wingers Miss the Point Again

I used to think folks really weren't this clueless, that they were just pretending to be -- like when the Republicans sent out that ad, previous to the election, claiming that if Kerry won, ee-ee-eevil liberals would make gay marriage mandatory and ban the Bible. I figured no one would be stupid enough to actually believe that; that Republicans obviously were just pretending to think that was true, to try to fool idiots (they assumed) lived in trailer parks or hills or something -- the idea that the Hummer-driver Rethugs had of the ill-educated lower-class.

But have a look at this:

Cause maybe I was wrong.

BrothersJudd throws out an obvious strawman argument --

First they quote from the article:

"The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the US government over its funding of a nationwide sexual abstinence programme.

The ACLU says the Silver Ring Thing programme violates the principle that the state budget cannot be used to promote religion. "

Then they attach this bit of misdirection:

Because, after all, if kids aren't having sex then none of us are free.

Right -- because that's why the ACLU is filing suit -- so that kids can have sex.

I don't believe for a minute that the Brothers Judd believe this -- or I didn't. I figured they were just tossing out a snotty strawman argument, that they actually knew all along that the real problem with the Silver Ring and other abstinence programs were that they violate the separation clause (The Silver Ring programme, for instance, distributes Christian bibles in public schools), and were just pretending to be clueless.

But go to the link. Read the comments by Judds' readers. I'm thinking I've been giving the Christian Right wa-ay too much credit.

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