Thursday, May 12, 2005


Over theah in Kentucky the state police done arrested a fella for riding his horse drunk.

On off duty state trooper called dispatchers after he got behind Millard Dwyer, and his horse Prince, on Bourne Avenue.

The officer says he followed Dwyer to the intersection of Borne and Race Street. A Somerset Police officer then arrested Dwyer, after police say his breath test was three-times over the legal limit.

Can you feature that?

However, the officer says he was justified, despite Dwyer's protests, since a horse is a vehicle, under state law.

When I was a young MFA student, up in Fayetteville, I knew a girl who got a DUI for riding her bicycle drunk. Much the same argument got made.

Of course, in Fayetteville, they would arrest young MFA students for walking around drunk. It was called Public Intox. And, frankly, who could blame them? We were a mighty obnoxious bunch.

I mean, not me personally. I would never have behaved in such a fashion. Laws, no.

I speak of other MFA students. That's right.

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Diane said...

Well, he should have been arrested for endangering an animal. At any rate, I'm glad someone stopped him.