Friday, May 13, 2005

More Hagar

If we had any sort of a sane government, something would be shaking over Hagar.

But no. It's only women complaining, and Democrats.

So long as the Levitican Christians are happy, Bushco is all "La-La-La I can't hear you."

I'll tell you the part that scares me the most about Hagar's little sermon, though -- and the part that ought to scare you, if you're a woman, or you're married to one, or you have a daughter, or a sister -- it's the part where he says Satan is behind Plan B.

Satan is behind Plan B, says Hagar.

Plan B is nothing but emergency birth control.

All Plan B does is keep what might be a fertilized egg -- might be -- from implanting. (There might not be any fertilized egg at all, of course. This is the Schrodinger's Cat of birth control.)

That's all regular birth control does. That's all the pill does, that millions of woman take every day. That's all the Depo shot does. That's all Noroplant does, and the patch does.

Satan's behind those, too?

Hagar seems to suggest so.

What, then, does Hagar's version of God want women to do, might one surmise?

If Hagar were in charge of women's health --

See, here's where it stops being funny.

Hagar, thanks to Bush, is in charge of women's health in this country.

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Diane said...

Hager is Satan.