Sunday, May 15, 2005

Being A Good Christian Girl...

This is more on that whole obedience thing, because just when I think I have been as horrified as I can be by the Levitican/Christian's insane notions on obedience, well.

This via Pandagon, and it's a Good Christian girl explaining something Milton had already explained, back in the 17th century: how when a woman obeys her man, or in this case her daddy, she is actually obeying God.

The order of God, as indicated in his word, is that God himself defers to the will of the father when it comes to his daughter. God says, "You heard your father. The answer is no." Thus, the will of the father regarding his daughter IS the will of God.

Emphasis is in the original, btw.

The whole thing is a lengthy essay about how "godly" girls know that they belong to "daddy" and have no desire for anything nasty like independence or making their own decisions, on the men they will marry or anything else. (On the careers they will have? Well, silly! They won't have careers! Good daddies raise their girls to be supported by their men, and good girls want to be supported, of course! Good girls know they should be dependent all their lives! Good girls just sit and wait for their daddies to find them new daddies to belong to, of course.)

Or, to quote our little Biblical scholar:

I am owned by my father. If someone is interested in me, he should see is not to be wondered at that our generation speaks only of women's rights and children's rights, whereas the Scripture speaks of God's rights and parents' rights.

Can I simply say, as an actual scholar of the Bible, that this is such a misreading of the text, that it makes me physically ill?

Parents do not own their children. Parents are responsible for the care of their children, for the education of their children, for protecting their children. But parents do not own the souls of their children.

And parents certainly do not stand in the relationship of God to their children. This is blasphemy. This violates the first commandment. To teach a child something like this is, in fact, to mislead -- to miseducate -- that child.

With obvious bad results and obvious risks that I'm sure I don't have to lay out for you folk here.

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zelda1 said...

I resist the notion that men, especialy fathers, are the owners of women, especially their little girls. Having known many women who were victims of sexual abuse by their fathers, I am always leary of men who want to have a godlike status to their little girls. I know there are many good men out there who are not abusers and are good fathers, but there are many who aren't and for that reason, little girls should never feel like they are the property of the men in their lives.