Thursday, May 19, 2005

As Amanda over at Pandagon ( points out, Flea has a brilliant post up today:

I love that Flea anyway, who doesn't, she's one of the blogosphere's best writers, but this one is something special. Don't miss it.

It starts with Bruce, who woke me up to music, but goes on to talk about art and whether it matters that people misinterpret it/misread it -- well, does it matter whether we learn to read, say, Buffy, correctly? -- which, since I have made it my life's work to teach people to read, well, you know which side of this I stand on, and then Flea connects this to feminism, and it's just a great post.

Hop on over there.


Michael Gallaugher said...

Hi Delagar

I‘m curious to get your read on a few things, you appear to be a sincere liberal who may well be representative of the left. Could you get in touch with me via email? I’m interested in having an instant message chat with you that I can record and post on my blog, you’ve seen me at . I’m not interested in debating any issue - just want to hear you out a bit and this has nothing to do with your condescending remarks you posted a few days back.

delagar said...

Ah...I'm thinking not.

But thanks anyway.

zelda1 said...

I never liked that song, Born in the USA, but I do like Born In East LA. Not that it matters. The art, wow, that is so cool. I noticed the monkey, no children, and the fishing pools and because of my love for animals thought how sad that family values means taking a poor monkey out of its enviornment away from its parent, who probably was killed and witnessed by the little thing, but then to find that it means this chick was a whore. The music thing, I always listen to the words because the tune doesn't mean much to me with my tone deafness and all so the words are what I like. Very few musicians paint a picture that gives you a republican stance. Those kind of songs are just not as entertaining as the more subversive, or so I think. Anyway, her post was very nice and I'll go back. Listening to music without pot or litstening to music as a teenager without pot must have been a real drag.

Michael Gallaugher said...

I had left a follow up comment, but can't see it now. Maybe you deleted it. I only delete comments to send a message to people that they are not welcome...but its usually after they have insulted someone or displayed an unwillingness to dialogue with civility. In my case I want to reiterate I have no design to do anything but ask you what America would look like if you had your way in a forum you can't filibuster. Its a sincere request.

delagar said...

I didn't delete your comment. Maybe it got lost.

I don't see any point in the two of us engaging in a dialogue -- nor do I believe you're sincerely interested in my views. (I've been on your blog.)

Michael Gallaugher said...

I’m glad, I must have goofed while writing it.

You dont see the point in a dialogue? I can't say that I'm shocked. You're pretty good at name calling however. I am interested in dialogue, and can overlook your hostility, whereas you invent the notion that it is I who am hostile. I have seen your blog and believe it is you who are uninterested in my views, but I am ok with that. Why would I make this request if I were not interested in yours? It would seem pretty silly and a waste of time, it is a sincere request.

I have no intention of mischaracterising you or exploiting you, think of it as a Press Conference. There are a few others I am working on also.