Saturday, May 21, 2005

Nervous Wingers

Here's an excellent post from Tomothy Karr over at MediaCitizen, about what the wingers are trying to do to our beloved NPR (because heaven forbid there be a a single source of news that isn't rabidly biased toward the Right on the air waves -- someone might learn the truth, someone might commit some rational discourse -- can't have *that* going on).

There are lots of good bits, including our buddy Rush being a jerk, but here's just my favorite clip:

"After all, this is the CPB chairman who buried a survey commissioned by his own agency when its results confirmed that “the majority of the U.S. adult population does not believe that the news and information programming on public broadcasting is biased.” In that same survey, 80 percent of Americans agreed that PBS is “fair and balanced,” and more than 50 percent found PBS news programming to be more trustworthy than network television or the cable networks."

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zelda1 said...

How could Rush ever think that anyone gives a pinch about his opinion or that anything he says is valid. I mean, he is a drug addict, glutton, womanizer, not to mention arrogant and ignorant. People like Rush and O'reilly don't want the truth told, they want to spread their theories and opinons. They want to lie to the public or tell half truths and on more than one occassion O'reilly had condemed NPR. It is hard for those men who make millions spreading lies to understand that there are actual people who are committed to the truth. They are the very ones who support the capitalist way and are not in the least concerned over what it does to those who work to increase the capitalist capital. They don't see or are unwilling to tell that the war in Iraq is for captial and nothing else or we would be fighting to free those oppressed in other countries. They talked about the rights of women in Iraq, what about the rights of women and children in different countries in Africa and other countries as well. Let them have oil and the bushwackers would be right there giving them their freedom while destroying their country. God, I hate what our country stands for.