Saturday, May 07, 2005

Walgreens Causes Abortions

So this pharmacist, Michelle Long, who works at Walgreens, decides its against her religion to dispense birth control measures -- she's a Catholic -- and refuses -- over and over again -- to dispense emergency contraceptive to women in need of it. (WISN 12 News has her on camera refusing to do so.)

At least one woman, a mother of six who could not afford anymore children, became pregnant as a result of being refused emergency contraception by Ms. Long, and, as a result of getting pregnant, got an abortion.

This is one we know of.

And what did Ms. Long think, exactly, was going to result from her refusing to dispense birth control?

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zelda1 said...

My thinking is, if she, the pharmacist, doesn't want to fill all perscriptions, then she should not be in a job where only one pharmacist is on duty at a time. Not all nurses will work at a family planning clinic and of those who do, not all will assist during an abortion. It's their choice; however, there are other nurses on duty who will assits. If it's religious or political, the reason should not interfere with the person who is there for help. If Walgreens is going to have a policy of refusal to adminitster, they need to make damn sure they have two pharmacist on duty at all times.

Anonymous said...

To say that Walgreens causes abortions is rediculous! The lady can go to another pharmacy. Someone with 6 kids is probably not going to have an abortion, I don't believe the story anywya. There are other methods of birthcontrol beside the pill, anyway.