Thursday, May 12, 2005

Good Lord

Here's another stupid one -- though calling Ben Shapiro stupid is sort of like calling water wet.

But the thesis to his fine, insightful essay?

It is our lack of moral values, and our inability to feel rage at the misbehavior of others (thanks to too much therapy -- see that Sommers book, One Nation Under Therapy, all the conservatives are salivating over, because it proves, yes, proves, that therapy is a waste of time, thus reinforcing their worldview, which is all you need to do with your troubled kid is whale on him with a belt and take him to church about sixty times a week and he'll be fine, thank you JESUS, where was I? Oh yes --) inability to feel rage, says Ben: that's what led Jerry Hobbs in murder those two little girls, one of them his daughter.

If we'd been condemning people all along for wearing short skirts and wanting gay marriage and not worshipping Capitalism I mean Jesus in the right manner and, you know, generally raging against the Other, the way Jesus wants us to ("Hate your enemy, he says, there in Matthew, do evil to him who harms you, when someone smacks you on the cheek, by God, pound that fucker into the ground!"), well! Things would be very different in this country, that's all.

So get out there and start judging one another, hear me? Lest your little seven year old get killed by her father too!

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