Thursday, November 04, 2004

Trying for Silver Linings

Trying to look for bright sides, here in Arkansas, and not having much luck.

Like: Bush can only have four more years.

Like: At least now we don’t have to watch the Wingers go after Kerry like rabid weasels for the next eight years.

Like: At least the train wreck that’s coming will be all their fault.

None of this cheers me up.

My fellow liberal professor, who is pregnant and therefore cannot self-medicate, went home last night to watch the West Wing and pretend that the world was sane; I went home and drank a great deal of beer and watched The Day After Tomorrow. Began laughing savagely at the moment when the Winger VP looked into the camera and said, “I was wrong.”

Like that would ever happen.

Because you know when the train wreck comes – and I hope I am wrong about this, I hope that somehow we avoid the wreck the Wingers are doing everything they can to bring about – but you know when it does come, not a single damn one of them will step up to the plate and admit that they made a mistake, that they brought it on, that they caused it to happen.

No. Hell no. It’ll be like this deficit, like these lost jobs, like 9-11, like the quagmire of Iraq.
It’ll all be someone else’s fault. It’ll be because the silly liberals are all traitors. It'll be because gays are sleeping together, because feminists are working outside the home, because schools are teaching evolution. It’ll be God’s will.

It’ll be any damn thing except that George Bush and the people George Bush put in power and the people half of this nation voted for, for “moral” reasons, did not do their jobs right.

Because, you know, they can’t be wrong. Can they?

Not when God is telling them what to do.

Could someone mail me some Xanax please? Like, you know, a boatload full?

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zelda1 said...

The reality is what it is. The war monger has won. He has four years left. I am resolved to live under the poverty line for another four years. I will struggle through graduate school and watch my pints and quarts which as we all know is Ps and Qs. I'll buy cheap meat, used books, drink cheap coffee, and the new dryer will have to wait. I'll continue to call the war monger a monkey face and scream and cry whenever I see more damage done to our troops and to the innocents of war. In this four years, I hope people will see that they voted for an insane man just because they wanted to postpone the inevitable. Gays will marry and it will be legal just like women got the vote and Black Americans got their civil rights, or some of their civil rights, things aren't perfect but it's certainly better, my point is that while he has four years left, he will go down as the president who killed innocents, raided a country for oil, refused same sexed partners their pursuit of happiness and tried to move the clock back to keep women barefoot and pregnant. That is how I handle it. He won't be a president worth mentioning except to say what a dick. In the mean while, we do have to survive this mess he has made and will make. But, we have to live too. So, starting today, I will not cry or get panicky over the mess that is sure to come. And let's hope lady Justice will prevail and see us through these next four years. Sage, misletow, and heather will cleanse this foul spirit of mine. I have the sage and heather but no misletow so today, I'm sending that tax loving husband of mine up the elm tree for some misletow.