Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hey, You Voted for Him

Remember how proud he was of all that Pell Grant money he had given out, so that all those lucky duckies who had lost their jobs to outsourcing, or you know, whatever, could go back to community colleges and retrain to be, well, surgical techs (and make six bucks an hour)?

Now that King George II is in, and doesn't have to worry about getting your smelly little vote, you can wave bye-bye to that money:


Color me really shocked.

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zelda1 said...

I have said this time and time again to all those non liberals at the university where I am a non-non-traditional student. You see, when money is needed to say, hmmm, oh guard the oil in Iraq, fuel the jet for the number 1 family, or anything else that the bushman feels is much more important than helping the lower class economic group achieve somekind of life other than working at a fast food joint, or checking out crap at WalMart, or any of those tidious jobs where a person has little mental stimulation and they are worn out physically from working or standing all day. It's so nice to know he didn't disappoint me. I listen to my classmates talk about their bills, how they are going to buy their books, pay for childcare, and even buy food or gas, and it reminds me of those years that I sturggled going to college the first time. Here it is Christmas and one of the girls in one of my classes is going to have her electricity turned off. She has three hundred dollars in foodstamps and if she went to work at a crappy job, she would lose the foodstamps and have to pay for day care, plus not be there to tuck her kids in at night. She is a full time student and truthfully has no skills, that's why she is in school! She said, "I can't wait until Jan. I'll get my grant money and my loan and I can pay my bills up for another few months." Isn't that sad? She will go through the holidays with no electricity unless she can get one of her relatives to give her money. Pell grants and student loans are what see these kids through to the next semester. Even the older students are going to be impacted by the loss of that money. For the life of me, I don't know why education has to cost so much and be such a hardship on those people wanting to do better. Maybe the next four years will go by really fast and he will stop trying to prove that he is better than bushman 1 and he will leave the poor and lower middle class alone. I don't see it happening but I can hope.