Friday, November 12, 2004

Solutions to World Problems

Whales are dying of cancer, the Bush administration is changing the rules so that the EPA can “be free to approve pesticides without consulting wildlife agencies to determine if the chemical might harm plants and animals protected by the Endangered Species Act”
Global warming is killing the krill in the ocean (, which I don’t have to tell you folks who aren’t of the Jesus-Can-Mend-The-World-He-Doesn't-Need-Our-Help camp is extremely bad news, and this guy?

This guy thinks the whole problem is we just don’t have enough conservative professors in the universities.


Cause, you know, if we just had more professors who believes in two parent families teaching in the women studies programs – or more people opposed to affirmative action teaching in the sociology programs – or more people who thought non-European literature was crap teaching in the literature programs – why, we’d have no problems at all!

And why don’t we have more conservatives on campus?

Rank discrimination!

Liberal hiring committees won’t hire conservatives! That’s why!

It’s got nothing to do with them being refusing to learn the texts in their field! It’s got nothing to do with them being jerks! It’s got nothing to do with them being (for example, to speak for a particular conservative on this particular campus) offensively sexist.

Heavens no. Must be discriminatory hiring practices on the part of liberals.

Maybe we should start an affirmative action program or something.

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