Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Raining in Fort Smith

It's cold and rainy here.

On NPR this morning, the caster said, in a very chipper voice, that people exiting the polls said they were voting for Bush for "moral" reasons.

No doubt that's true, so long as you're defining "moral" as "xenophobia," "homophobia," "war-mongering," and extreme hatred of those who don't act like you. Here in Arkansas, for instance, we voted for the amendment against gay marriage by a margain of something like 70% -- because, you know, letting gay people marry is so immoral.

It's a democracy, though. It's what we signed up for. In a democracy, you get exactly the kind of government, exactly the kind of society, you deserve. No better, no worse.

No wonder I'm having chest pains this morning.


Pete M. said...

No wonder I'm having chest pains this morning.Hey, make sure you take care of yourself! We can't afford to lose any!

Seriously, though, I hope everything's okay.

delagar said...

Yeah, they're just psychological chest pains. I've been to the doc and had an EKG & all. She says I'm overstressed. Can't think why.

zelda1 said...

The chest thing is scarry. Make sure you're watching your blood pressure and checking your pulse because the medical community often see a woman with chest pain and automatically assume it is her nerves or fragile mental condition or a bad gallbladder or eating to many spicy foods. They rarely ever take women serious when it comes to chest pain so even though you have had a good ekg, push for a stress test just to make sure. I know these things. Ekgs are not meant to diagnose an impending heart attack but one that has already occured. Go demand a stress test. It's painless and your insurance should pay for it.