Monday, November 29, 2004

Flea over at One Good Thing ( has some thoughts on Mr. Falwell's little joke about the National Order of Witches(

She's also designed some teeshirts to go with his joke. Cool teeshirts, much cooler than his joke, and she's donating 10% of the profits to NOW (the actual NOW), so I think we all ought to go buy some, especially those of us who know wiccans:

And even those who don't and who just really don't like Falwell and his ilk.

They'll make great Winterfair, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Solstice gifts.

Go and buy!

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zelda1 said...

Falwell is a creep who I believe is a closet queen. Not that there is anything wrong with queens, in fact, some of my dearest friends are queens and they are proud of it. But, he is one of those men who has a closet and I bet it is full of kinky little secrets. To think a woman needs a man to what lead them around is totally against human nature. It is, after all, the women who do 99 percent of the work and I just bet that fat sob has his little woman match his shirts and ties and put his socks out and tell him what time it is and where to stick that shrivled up pod that he thinks every woman needs. What a Richard. And to think that people who want animals treated ethically or the Civil liberties union be subjected to his taunts is inconcievalbe. He is a glutton who spouts all the good things that a christian is, yet he can't push the fork away in order to lose that big fat face of his. I am getting more pissed by the minute. Who does he think he is, an agent of God, I think not. Look at him for pete's sake.He needs a revealing spell done to see what pops out of his little closet of secrets.