Thursday, November 04, 2004

Noah's Flood

Here’s some more of what we have to look forward to under the Bush Theocracy.

The National Parks Service is being compelled, by the Bush Administration, to sell a book called The Grand Canyon: A Different View, by Tom Vail, which explains “how the park’s central feature developed on a biblical rather than an evolutionary time scale.” It’s a bit of creationist propaganda, which claims that “the Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s flood rather than by geologic forces.”

The NPS does not want to sell this book, has objected ( to being forced to do so, and points out, rightly, that selling this sort of anti-intellectual claptrap runs contrary to its mission – its mission being to increase the scientific knowledge of its visitors.

Bushco’s response? Tough noogie.

Because this document does not run contrary to Bushco’s mission. Which is not a mission to Mars, or to advance knowledge, or to educate children, or to make life better in America, or any other soft soap Bushco has been peddling these past few years.

Theocracy. That’s what Bushco is after.

And you can't have theocracy without an ignorant populace, now can you?

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zelda1 said...

The Noah's flood thing reminds me of my grandson. He is six and has learned the concepts of mathmatics very well which makes me think he is going to be reasonable in his thinking, plus he likes to read and wants to know the whys of everything he reads. So, he has a set of bible books that my sister bought him for Easter a few years back, her thinking, I'm sure, was that I was not providing the right kind of spiritual training to the lad, and in these books is a beutiful story of Noah and the flood and a huge picture of an ark with animals going up the ramp. You've probably all seen a similar picture. Anyway, he wants to know how Noah got the animals in so peacefully and why on the next page were all the people in the water crying and why they weren't let in the Ark. I told him it was a myth to explain a very raining season and people tend to do that, explain things away by telling stories like the flood. I told him it wasn't true, just a story like vampires and fairy god mothers. Apparently in his eagerness to enlighten the other children at school about the story of Noah not being true thus eliminating the anxiety others might have been feeling, he failed to understand the consequences in this very Baptist town, and the teachers got hold of his enlightment and this led to a pow wow of sorts and now I'm not looking real good in the community. My preacher called and told me he was sure it was all a misunderstanding. Nope, no misunderstanding. And on another note of the many notes that are pisses me off lately. At the local Books A Million, they have Jewish Bibles and other Jewish religious books shelved in the cult section. Isn't th is contrary to what has got the folks in my community pissed. I mean where did the Noah story come from? What the F***.