Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Be Fruitful and Multiply, You Sinner!

As Pandagon (http://www.pandagon.net/ ) points out, the “moral outrage” of this article is just comical. (http://www.gender-news.com/other.php?id=23)

Of people who don’t want to have children, this writer claims: “That worldview is sick, but more and more common,” and “Christians must recognize that this rebellion against parenthood represents nothing less than an absolute revolt against God's design,” and “[w]illful barrenness and chosen childlessness must be named as moral rebellion.”

I could get angry at the Far Right Christians for their hatred of gays and feminists. But now they’re going after people who chose not to have kids? That’s their new target? People who don’t want pre-schoolers? People who would rather have a pair of pugs than six or seven babies? This is a sin now?

Well, yes. Apparently in Far Right land it is.

I’m laughing now. Let’s hope in a year or two we all still will be. Let’s hope, in other word, this isn’t the harbinger of what’s to come.

Because we are getting quite a lot of “birth control is abortion noise” out there on the fringe. Add that to this “people who don’t want kids are sinners” noise and we start to end up in a scary place.

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zelda1 said...

On being childless. Back in the olden days when I was young and had a lot of life in me and a lot of sexuality oozing from every pore, I didn't want children. I did, however, want sex. But, all my friends were having babies, many babies. I had finished nursing school and had started into the community college and found that smoking pot and skipping classes was real cool, and my friends kept on having those babies. They felt sorry for my empty life! I decided to join the military and travel to exotic places and get my education paid for. My family thought I was crazy. Why, I was twenty years old and unmarried and if I didn't get a man and settle down and have children my life was going to be ruined. I, being so impresionable, did do just that. I managed an other than honorable discharge from the military, found a man, had not one but two babies, and then looked for the picket fence which, by the way, never came. I raised those two children alone and was miserable all those years trying to go to college and work full time and tend to my two children. My family was happy, I had a family even if it was minus the husband. Now, my point is that while I loved my children and greatly love my grandsons, I would have had such a better live without children and I know this because I didn't ever want children. In the seventies that choice wasn't popular and women who made that choice were often looked upon as freaks. It was so nice in the late eighties and the nineties when women could stand up and say they didn't want children and I completely understood. We can't allow time to go back like it was when women, like me, were forced by their families and society to make babies. And if time goes back women are one step closer to becoming those women that so many in society want and that is in the kitchen and out of the workplace. Tied down with apron strings and kids.