Monday, November 22, 2004


I've been having a really bad week.

Not the worst week ever, mind you. Plenty of people are having worse ones. So I shouldn't whine. And I won't. But it's why I haven't been posting.

Here's a joke -- the only thing that made me laugh all week -- sent to me by my Republican brother. Thanks, brother!

So this guy is driving through D.C. and it's a really bad traffid jam. He's at a dead stop for like an hour, hour and a half. Finally a traffic cop comes by, and the guy rolls down his window.

"What's up, officer?"

"Oh," the cop says, "the President's outside the White House, threatening to douse himself with gasoline, set himself on fire. He's all depressed 'cause no one will believe him about why the tax cuts aren't working and why the war in Iraq is costing so much and why the deficit is so we're taking up a collection."

"Oh, yeah?" says the driver. "How much you got so far?"

"About four gallons," says the cop. "But lots of people are still siphoning."


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