Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Kid at the University

My kid has her orientation session at the university on Monday. She is very much ready to be out of this town and in the university, so this is good news.

Also, though, we got the tuition statement this week. Holy hell, y'all. Four years at this university -- which is a state university -- will run in the neighborhood of ninety thousand dollars.

She's got a scholarship for some of it, and I get a 40% discount on the tuition (due to working in the state university system), but how would anyone who didn't have these things afford a four year degree?

"Loans" seem to be the answer the university itself is pushing. Nearly a hundred thousand dollars in loans for an undergraduate degree? That's the answer?

When I was at university, back in the eighties, my tuition was less than five hundred dollars a semester at a state university.


Nicoleandmaggie said...

That includes room and board though, right? I thought tuition and fees were under 10k/year?

delagar said...

Yes, that's everything -- tuition, room & board, books, and fees. Tuition itself is (relatively) cheap. But also tuition is the only part of this I get a discount on.

Nicoleandmaggie said...

When I was in college and grad school I spent way less than the expected room and board. I think those numbers are inflated to regular middle class kids who don't know how or aren't willing to be frugal. And as I'm sure you know there are also ways to spend less on required course materials.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered European education? A lot of countries will accept foreign students (even Americans!) and you only pay - what is for us Americans - a nominal fee. Of course, they assume that you will love a sane society so much that you will stay and be an educated, productive member of their society.

delagar said...

We haven't thought of that. Maybe we should! A lot of good art schools in Europe.