Monday, June 05, 2017

The Hell?

I'm seriously befuddled by the Religious Right these days -- well, I suppose that means most Conservatives in the USA, since the GOP has been eaten alive by the Evangelicals it coaxed into the party in the hope of winning a few elections.

And they have won elections, I mean, so this obviously was an effective strategy. But what good has it done them to win elections when they've let the heart of their party be consumed by people who say (and believe!) things like this:

This is exactly right. Siegel calls for us to say what we mean, so let me say what I mean.I agree with Siegel that we can’t go on like this. Something has to give. It might not give next year, or ten years from now, but we can’t muddle through forever.
The rising Left is bound and determined to crush or at least permanently sideline people it deems heretics — in particular, whites, males, orthodox Christians, and skeptics of the LGBT project. It does not want a pluralistic modus vivendi; it wants total domination.
The establishment Left lacks the will to stop them. Its members are terrified of appearing un-woke. All a major corporation has to do to buy off the Left is declare itself in favor of Pride, and so forth.
The establishment Right lacks the will to stop them either, for fear of being called bigots….
The real glue holding the dynamic Left together is hatred of the Other…. For them, the culture war is of such paramount importance that it precludes economic-based alliances…. 

They don't even seem to understand how bizarre this sort of statement looks to most (and yes, I do mean most -- very few people in this country are this sort of conservative) people -- to sane people, I started to say, but I don't think Rod Dreher is actually insane. I think he's willfully ignorant, and willfully letting his phobia about LGBT blind him to reality.

That's besides their Representatives who are threatening to hunt people down and kill them, and the others who are literally assaulting members of the press, and others (like my own home state's Jason Rapert) who have made it clear that they don't consider anyone who doesn't go to their church a "real" American, or someone our country's laws should apply to.

For all the shrieking about a joke some comedian made and the protests on a few campuses, this is the real danger in our country: people whose worldview leads them to believe this this "Holy War" vision of our country.

Because once you have decided that "those people" are Evil, and that those Evil People will destroy you, then you believe you are justified in destroying them, by any means necessary.

That's the road the GOP is --- I was going to say "headed down," but how many of them are already well down that road?

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Rosa said...

it's pure projection, is what it is. They literally do not believe that we would be happy for them to just let us alone because they sit around daydreaming about running people's lives all day.

I mean, this is Rod "I think community is great but every time I join a community they hate me so I leave" Dreher speaking. Of COURSE he thinks nobody will rest til we force everyone to do our bidding. He spends his whole life trying to talk people into forming his imaginary perfect community so he can come join it instead of fitting himself into one of the many existing Christian communities that he's found.