Saturday, June 17, 2017

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A student on campus speaks about the situation at Evergreen. (Big shocker: The white male professor, one who believes we should do "honest research" into racial issues, is not the saint he portrays himself as; nor is the situation at all as the Far-Right blogs and Fox News have presented it. Once again, white fragility has a tantrum, and people of color get the blame.)

More white fragility -- this reminds me of the literally hundreds of conversations, online and off, where women have tried to talk about some feminist issue, only to have a man leap into the conversation immediately to demand we start talking about men's issues instead. (Such a well known phenomenon it has a name: What About the MEN?)

The Language of Gendered Violence: This starts rough, but gets progressively (no pun intended) better.

Gender is innate and unchangeable and natural. That's why people become unhinged when anyone tries to change our cultural gender norms in even the tiniest fashion.

As a counter-read, here's a wonderful column from Dear Sugar

On the surprising reaction from the GOP to having a few of their own shot by an angry white male. (Yes, this is sarcasm. No one is really surprised. Conservatives never do care until it happens to one of them. Like being against gay rights or trans rights until you find out one of your kids is gay/trans. Then suddenly it's different!)

Is the Left more violent than the Right?

The GOP is pro-Eugenics -- another shocker.

The cause of this is not difficult to understand -- slave labor is a winner, at least for the states.

Some better news: Here's a story from one of my best writing students, Jessica Weisenfels. I wish I could say I taught her everything she knew, but she came to me already a brilliant writer, and has just gotten better.

More good news: Mothering in Iceland. See? Humans can get things right. Not gonna happen here, of course, until we shrug off the Christian Right and their vicious need to hurt and shame anyone who isn't exactly like them.

More good news: The Library of Congress now has a Web comic archive. Good choices, so far.

A brilliant metaphor

I bet you know at least six of these personally

And finally, this is well worth the watch:

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