Friday, June 02, 2017

Friday Links!

All the books are in order. I am (almost) caught up on my laundry. The chimney is fixed (finally). Now all I have to do is vacuum and I'll have nothing to do but write. Is this my beautiful house? Is this my beautiful life?

Have some links!

This essay by Rebecca Solnit on Trump is brilliant. Longish, but well worth the read.

Another interesting, and disturbing, essay: When Your Child is a Psychopath

Austin mayor claps back at MRA loser

Speaking of MRA losers

See also this: Furiosa Test

Essential space operas: a list

Economic problems for English Majors (sharing mainly for Heebie and Nicole & Maggie, but anyone who's an English major will like this too)

538 on pious Americans

Historiann is gathering information about the situation at Evergreen State (that same Evergreen State situation Conservatives are having a delicious orgy pissing themselves over, yes).

New rules for talking about abortion

This kid is just asking some questions:

And don't forget! You too can support a young artist we all love via her Patreon, and get access to previews and prizes!


delagar said...

I just realized I never told you about our chimney -- that little basket-hat that sits on the top blew off during the most recent giant storm we had here (a tornado warning that we just slept through). Without the basket-hat, birds and other animals can come down your chimney and then get stuck there, in your fireplace.

With us, it was just birds, one bird after the next, sometimes two at once. Then we'd have to open the glass door that covers the fireplace when you're not using and rescue the birds, always a fraught process. But (at least this time!) all the birds were okay.

[The first year this happened, a bird got stuck in there and didn't make any noise. We didn't discover it until it was dead :( ]

Omnipresent Lizard Lord said...