Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy 2016, Y'all

Here's hoping the reboot (2016) will be better than the previous episode (2015), which frankly left a lot to be desired.

Some good signs!

  • The GOP seems to be dying out
  • The Paris Climate Accord went well -- maybe we won't all die by 2116!  Here's hoping.
  • The economy is better (better than it was)
  • Here in the Fort, gas prices are lower than they have been since 1973 (in terms of real money, adjusted for inflation).
  • Marriage equality!
  • People (most people) have recognized that racism, homophobia, and transphobia are not acceptable behaviors
  • The art world -- fiction writing, comics, TV and movies, specifically -- is robust, creating outstanding works: Mad Max: Fury Road; Jessica Jones; The Knick; Fargo; The Expanse (the TV reboot); Jo Walton's Just City and its sequel Philosopher Kings;  Naomi Novik's Uprooted; "Cat Pictures Please" and  other excellent stories from Naomi Kritzer; A new collection from Eleanor Arnason, Hidden Folk (published in 2014, but I read it in 2015, so I'm counting it); and in comics, Breaking Cat News, How To Be a Werewolf, Mare Internum; and the amazing Wilde Life. Plus plenty others I'm sure I'm leaving out*.
  • My own personal life is...not going as badly as it could be. We're all still alive, and Dr. Skull is working again. Plus, we adopted a new dog, who led us to discover our new favorite place, The Fort Smith Dog Park. (Heywood needs SO much exercise.) Things could be better, but they could be so much worse.  

Here are my favorite posts from each month of 2015:













*Feel free to add great media I missed in the comments!

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