Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here Is Why I Love Academics

This is the sort of thing we get up to:

Rosie the Roach


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Looks like they have the same cleaning crew as HU. I swear to god, there could be dead roaches, cicadas, any number of spiders, dirt, dust, flung food, maxi pads (used), tampons (unused), and an assortment of clothing (including undergarments) strewn in our hallway and the janitorial staff completely and totally ignore all of it. My trash in my office is cleaned up maybe once a week; meanwhile, I eat lunch in there daily and have to decide whether I can stand the stench of rotting remains of lunch for a week or if I want to dump it in the communal trash in the hallway, or (less likely) take it home with me. It's ridiculous.

At least these folks had fun with their misery. I can't believe it went on so long.

delagar said...

That sounds appalling.

Our cleaning staff goes back & forth -- when we've got a good one, it's excellent. But no one stays long in the job, since the pay sucks, so the good cleaners don't last long. Right now we've got a burly white guy whose heart is not really into the work.

Our best janitor was a young woman. She was great. But she found better work almost at once.