Sunday, January 17, 2016

Here Comes the New Semester

Due to a confluence of the MLK holiday and my schedule (teaching MWF, with TR for writing days), I don't start teaching this semester until Wednesday, January 20.

From then on, it's a semi-rough schedule as far as time goes -- I'm there both Monday and Wednesday this semester from 8:00 until well past five: until 8.30 on Mondays, and until six on Wednesdays.

OTOH, two writing days, and Friday I'm done at one -- though since we still have only one vehicle, I'm stuck at the university until Dr. Skull finishes work anyway Fridays.

Fairly easy classes this semester, compared to last semester, when I had great classes, but a huge reading load.

This semester I've got Comp II, then English Grammar, then Global Lit, and finally Fiction workshop, though that last is only on Monday nights.

Not a huge reading load for any of these, and most of them I have taught multiple times.

I'm optimistic.


Bardiac said...

Best wishes for a strong, fun, good semester!

delagar said...

You too!