Saturday, July 25, 2009

What We Should Do Now, See...

I swear, if I hear one more Right-Wing Tool say "What we have to do now is look forward...."

Apparently it doesn't even matter what they're talking about.  Liz Cheney was talking about the moronic Birthers and spewed the line.  Trying to weasel out of having to admit that the obsession with Obama's birth certificate was looney, and rather than just say, "Yes, of course Obama was born in the USA," or, "Yes, of course people who say he's not an American citizen are focusing on the wrong thing," or even, "Yes, of course Obama is an American citizen," what does she say?

"We need to look forward now, not backward."

What in shit does that even mean in this context?

It's like they've got ten things they can say, like they're fucking wind-up dolls, and they just spit these phrases out.

God, they're tiresome.

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