Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They Ain't Racist

And even if they are, you know, it's racist to say they're racist!
And we're the racists! Because we make it all about race!

Tbogg argues otherwise.

My favorite among the comments so far is this one, from A Mom Anon:

I live in the South. There’s a little “family owned”business here that’s proudly racist. There’s a “White History Year” sign on the front door of the place and lynching photos and other”memorabilia” are prominently displayed and easily visible through the front windows. Recently the owner of this shop recieved a civic award for his civil war reinactment camp for(white,male only)kids. Everyone knows the place is a front for KKK/skinhead types and no one bats an eyelash. The place is smack in the middle of the newly rennovated “historic district”.

Here’s a hint for Hawkins: You don’t have to worry about being called a racist if you aren’t a fucking racist. I’ve lived 50 yrs and no one has ever even hinted I was racist. Wonder why that is?….

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