Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Separate But Equal

Who would have guessed that could go wrong?

The ACLU makes them quit.

I went to a sex-segregated HS in Jefferson Parish: my brothers got Physics and Latin, along with actual teachers with actual degrees in the subjects they were teaching. They also had a real gymnasium. I got civics and a "science" teacher who had taught second grade the previous year. We walked across a highway to use the beat-up parish gymnasium and baseball fields, and played volleyball all year long because that was the only sports equipment our school had.

(I did take Latin my junior and senior year -- they bussed us over to the boys' school -- because they were trying to appease the wicked feminists who were objecting to the inequity in the system; no one did anything about the rest of my inept teachers, though. Well, they weren't training me to be a scholar. They were training me to be a young lady.)

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