Thursday, July 23, 2009

Right-Wing Attempts To Think

...About Health-Care Reform.

Only they aren't any better at thinking that over than at much else, apparently. This Robert Broadus argues that he should not have to be taxed for health care, see, because of the bill of rights, which he believes means he should not have to pay taxes for health care if he doesn't want to, since he has not been buying health insurance, which has been saving him (he says) $2,500/year and he's been doing fine with that.

"What if you get sick?" he is asked.

"What if you break a leg?" he is asked.

"Who pays then?"

Of course, we would -- his fellow citizens -- unless his family is filthy rich -- which, since he says earlier he's been helping to support them, I somehow doubt is the case.

So if he gets sick, his fellow taxpayers will foot the bill, because I really doubt he will just eat his gun. But that's not the point! He's a free citizen! We can't MAKE him pay for a health care system just because he might use it some day!

And J.T. Plumber and Fox News, of course, love this fella to bits.

That's what passes for bold thinking on the Right these days.

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j0lt said...

This dude reminds me of the motorcyclists who refuse to wear helmets. To which my stepdad, a BIG time libertarian, used to say there should be a requirement that any biker not wearing a helmet should be required to sign a waiver forgoing any right to accident related emergency health care at taxpayer expense.