Friday, July 03, 2009

End of Semester

It's end of Summer I and start of Summer II (back to back, so we can slam two semesters into one summer, for ever more fun & games), so I'm a bit jammed up, which is why the light posting -- grades are due on Monday, even if classes just ended Friday, and of course that is also when Summer II classes begin, Monday, aargh, with me teaching two classes, Freshman Comp II and World Lit II.

At least they aren't new preps: I've taught them both before.

Unfortunately, a side effect over Verb Noire taking Martin's War is that ALL I WANT TO DO IS WRITE.  Teach?  Prep?  Research/Finish my paper on Chaucer's Prioress's Tale? Laundry and cooking and shopping? Bah!  I am a writer, you see: why should I do all this other silliness?

Yeah, that goes over well.

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