Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Racist!

I don't know if you caught Uncle Pat on Rachel Maddow the other night, with his rant about how it was "reverse racism" to put Sotomayor on the SCOTUS, because, after all, this country was built by 100% white males, and 100% of the people who died at Gettsyburg and Vicksburg were white males, and nearly 100% (at least he said nearly that time!) 100% of the men who died on D-Day were white males, and --

It's like that bit in that stupid book by Stephen King, I forget which one it was, the one where the plague is let loose and 99.9% of the country dies, and the feminist Fannie or Frannie, I forget her name, finds a big strong Texan to protect her, and has this epiphany that feminism was just a silliness made possible by the big strong men that had created the safe modern world.  Feminists, she decides, ought to be made to cross-stitch a thank you to all the big strong men who had conquered the west and built the country, fap fap fap, which even when I was fifteen I knew was a pile of heaping steaming SHIT.

100% white males built this country?

Gah.  Tell that to Sojourner Truth, you tool.

Meanwhile, go read this.


Anonymous said...

Maddow kicked ass in that interview. Roberts, on the other hand, was appalling.

dorki said...

Yes, Rachel REALLY kicked ass. So much so that she did not even need to take names!