Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here is the story Drudge is pushing and the Right-Wing (which, in case you need reminding is not racist, no, no, no!) is buying with big wide eyes and  both hands: this home-schooling, charming family of Xtians in Akron, Ohio, who were off at a 4th of July Celebration, Celebratin' teh Freedom, as they manage to make clear about 15 times in this here news clip, claim that on the way home from their 4th of July Freedom Celebratin' they got Attacked by...a Black Mob.

Fifty! Black! Kids!

Yeah, you heard it right.  And they were, like, yelling, "It's a Black World!"

And they punched and kicked Daddy in the head and when sweet 90 pound daughter sprang to his defense, they knocked her down and kicked her too!

Daddy says he spent five nights in intensive care!  That's how badly he was beaten.

Yet you'll notice in the news bruises on any of them?  Not a nick or a scratch?  Nor, well, jeez...none of them look particularly upset?

Also, they claim they were coming to the aid of a threatened buddy, yet the buddy isn't here to say, yeah, it happened just that way?

Anything seem odd about this story to you?

Me, too.  But not to the Right-Wing, who are all, oooo, wooo, those Black People!  How come no one calls this a Hate Crime?  See, See, see!  Just what we've been SAYING!  They're roaming the streets in MOBS!


delagar said...
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delagar said...

Ooo, look, it's a troll. (Now where did I leave that Borax?)

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how you can discredit these people. Why, it doesn't agree with your premise that hate crimes can't be perpetrated against white people. You discredit them so you can stay in your comfort zone. Only big bad white man is the problem today. If we all disappear the whole world will be a better place. I was mugged and badly injured. It was definitely racially motivated I will not repeat the racist remarks. I didn't look to bad a few days later either. Feel free to stay in your "little" mindset. Best of luck to you