Monday, November 07, 2022


I've been having insomnia + non-specific free-floating anxiety for some time now. Probably the insomnia is caused by the anxiety? IDK.

Anyway, I would very much like this little bout to end. Exercise doesn't help. Maybe I should stop eating carbs. Dr. Skull claims if I stop eating carbs my entire life will be transformed, and I will no longer have anxiety, my joints won't hurt, I'll fall asleep in minutes and 

Also, I was checking the relative worth of money in 1913 (for something I'm writing) vs the same money today, and while I was there, I checked my annual salary in 2003 (when I started this current job) vs my salary now and BIG SHOCK, adjusted for inflation I was making more money as a brand-new assistant professor than I am now, as a full professor who has been nearly 20 years at this institution.

You too can play this game! Go here.

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