Saturday, November 12, 2022

Holding the Senate

Mark Kelly, my favorite astronaut, won in Arizona. Cortez Masto is coming from behind in Nevada. I don't know what's going to happen in Georgia, but it's not impossible that Walker will be defeated. If we win either Nevada or Georgia, we hold the Senate. As Nicole and Maggie say, if you're in any of those states, make sure your vote counted. And if you're in Georgia, vote!

Meanwhile the MAGAs are melting down. Some are bailing from Trump like the sinking ship he is, transferring their (extremely changeable) allegiance to DeSantis, under the belief that he can win the country back for them --- that most of America wants to be led by a fascist who attacks women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community, while licking the boots of the wealthy. 

I know, I know, Trump won. So it's not impossible for 18% of the country to impose their bigoted views on the rest of us. A lot of young voters have grown up in the country Trump destroyed, though -- their schools closed because he was too inept to handle a pandemic; the economy tanking because he gave tax breaks to billionaires; mass shootings increasing because of his followers and their slavering love of guns. Those young voters swing hard for the Left, not being bigots or watchers of Fox News. 

The overturning of Roe v Wade has also brought out voters, and they aren't going Red.

I've also seen reports that COVID-19 is killing more people in Red States than in Blue, and thus more conservatives than liberals. I haven't seen any studies on that, though, so I don't know if it's true.

Others are just continuing to scream about the Democrats "frauding." These people are still repeating the same old lies from 2020. Rod Dreher insists it's because the GOP didn't attack trans people enough. If they had only pushed more hate, he says... And you know, he's not wrong. Today's conservative sure loves to hate.

Anyway, vote, and make sure your vote counts, especially if you live in a swing state.


delagar said...

From Nicole & Maggie, who are having trouble commenting here:

"Both postcards to voters and vote forward are starting writing campaigns to Georgia– these are really important to get the vote out for out of cycle elections. I think they may actually be more effective than during regular elections.

"So in addition to voting and making sure your vote is cured, even if you’re in a state where all of the votes have been decided, you can help encourage democrats in Georgia to turn out and find their polling stations and to know when the election is actually going to be."

Jenny F Scientist said...

My fave Republican comments so far are the people who insist Rs can't win unless we stop letting people vote (especially by mail, it has to be HARD you know). Mmmmmmkay.

delagar said...

Oh, yeah, I've seen that too. We need to go back to how "we" used to vote -- one day of voting on paper ballots, no early voting, no mail-in ballots, and so on. "We," of course, used to be white guys over 21, which was a much smaller pool in a much smaller population, but of course these Republicans could not care less about how the world works. They just want to keep the "wrong" people from voting.

I saw one guy suggesting that the way to handle all those kids today voting blue was to raise the voting age to 28. And of course single women should not be voting! They vote WRONG!1!