Thursday, November 10, 2022

Reactions from the Right

 Rod Dreher is very sad to learn that there was no Red Wave. Surely everyone hates trans people as much as he does? He takes comfort in DeSantis being re-elected, though. At least someone in America hates trans people and is willing to stand up to those militant leftists who think people should be able to control their own bodies!

Sarah Hoyt is sure that the election was frauded. (Yes, she uses fraud in this extremely odd way.) The Left, after all, is a CANCER and since good Right-Thinking (pun intended) Americans did not cut that cancer out (hanging leftists from light posts and throwing them from helicopters is a frequent fantasy among her commenters) well what did we expect?

Red State sounds almost sane in contrast: true, Leftists are eeeevil and corrupt, but the real problem is the terrible candidates put forth by the Right, as well as the fact that although Conservatives have no answers, no solutions, and no ideas. Oh, and the Leftist-controlled Global media (they're too polite to say the Jews openly over there) is lying about our (new) Lord and Savior, DeSantis.

(Almost everyone I'm looking at is waving DeSantis's victory like a bloody flag. Apparently the lesson they are learning from his victory is that because DeSantis attacked LGBTQ people and still won re-election, Americans want the Right to attack LGBTQ people. Correlation ain't causation, but you're not going to get people whose motto is "Scientists are a bunch of lying commies" to understand that point.)

Bradley Devin spouts the usual talking points -- the fact that all the votes aren't counted yet means the Left is FRAUDING; the victory of DeSantis and JD Vance means America is fine with persecuting trans and gay people; the loss of the Senate is a small price to pay for getting rid of Roe v Wade. Also, Conservatives need to swing hard toward Trumpism. A direct quotation: 

But isn’t that always part of the Democrat's electoral strategy? To call Republicans fascists, bigots, misogynists, and all the other dirty words in the liberal mind? 

Clearly, "fascist," "bigot," and "misogynist" are not dirty words to anyone except liberals, so if the Right wants to win over real Americans they need to go hard with their bigotry, fascism, and hatred of women. Because they haven't been going hard so far. I mean the real problem with Republicans is how nice they are.

Anyway, that was all I could take, so if you see some other Rightwing takes that you want to share, feel free in the comments.

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delagar said...

Red State does make a good point though -- what are American conservatives running on? They haven't given us a plan, economic or otherwise; they don't have anything to say about inflation or run-away rental costs or how we can remain a first world country while failing to educate over half of our population. All they have is "We hate trans people," and "we're proud to be bigots." That's not a winning platform. I mean, except to other bigots.