Saturday, November 26, 2022

Home for the Holidays

 The kid, his boyfriend, and their cat are all visiting us for Thanksgiving. This is them asleep and the cat staring wide-eyed out the window:

Their apartment has a window, but it looks out onto a kind of passage-way, so Amity (the cat) doesn't get much of view. She is enjoying all our windows.

Our cats hate her, and she herself is deeply confused by the little dog, who she thinks is the strangest cat she has ever seen. She keeps sneaking up on him (not difficult, since he's blind) and bapping him with her paw, trying to see what he's made out of, I think.

We stayed home mostly yesterday, in honor of Black Friday, and today will venture out to buy more food, and maybe have a walk. Tomorrow we drive them home again, and my SIL is going to feed us gumbo.

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