Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Cold Wednesday

We got another three or four inches of snow overnight. It's currently five degrees.

We still have heat here, and so far no power losses in our house, though my students have been emailing me for the past two days about losing their internet and their power. 

We're almost out of dog food, milk, and cream. No way to get to the store on these roads. We do have frozen hamburger we can feed to dog, in a pinch, and I have a can of condensed milk and a box of coconut milk. (I have to have milk in my coffee; Dr. Skull likes cream, but he can make do with butter.)

The coffee cake was excellent, by the way.


nicoleandmaggie said...

A number of apartment buildings in town have had burst pipes. When we have a hurricane and there isn't a pandemic, we've got all sorts of shelters with cots and so on. Now there's one shelter, no cots, very few blankets. I don't understand what happened to emergency planning.

delagar said...

I suspect the GOP happened to it. They believe government doesn't work, so they make sure it won't.

I saw a conservative on twitter a few days ago telling a disabled person they should "invest" in their own generator, for when the power went out. And of course there was the GOP governor who said the weak should just "parish." (sic)

Bardiac said...

I read about that same now ex-mayor (I think) basically saying that taking care of people in times of trouble isn't what government is for. Stop.

Seriously, I think that's one of the important functions of government. When there's a fire, we hope the fire department, which we all support with some sorts of taxes (well, most of us), will come help.

When there's a drought, we hope the government has prepared by storing water in reservoirs. And so forth.

It's frustrating that the people of Texas basically gave the rest of the country the finger about power, but now want help. And I sure believe we should give them help. Maybe on condition that they rejoin the regulatory agencies?

delagar said...

Bardiac: If only the "regulations are evil" conservatives would learn from this.