Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Not That Hard to Be a Decent Human Being

I broke a tooth on Saturday -- it's one where I had a giant cavity as a kid, and it had cracked just before the pandemic got serious last March, so I knew it was coming. Saturday, despite how careful I have been with chewing, it just broke off.

So this morning at dawn, I went to see my dentist. This is the Christian conservative dentist we have been seeing since the kid was five. She's great with kids, and she always asks after the kid, and the entire family, really.

So today she asked whether the kid had graduated, using the kid's dead name and former pronouns. I told her the kid was trans, and...she asked about the kid's new pronouns and new name, and then restated the question: "Has [new name] graduated?"

I told her about his change in major, and how well he was doing, and she was so happy for him. "It's wonderful when kids find their passion," she exulted with me. "I'm so happy he's doing well."

I'm so used to weaponized, hateful Christianity that meeting up with an actual Christian is a shock. But a good one!

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