Monday, February 15, 2021

Still Snowing

 Okay, this does look like four inches:

Also, ice is frozen on the inside of my windows. This house is not made for 5 degree weather (it's five degrees here). The local power company is begging everyone to conserve energy, since they can't keep up with the demand. Don't do laundry, don't run the dishwasher, keep your heat at 68. (I've got ours at 66.)

Plus, weather guy says more snow is coming late tomorrow and into Wednesday. We went to the store just before the snowpocalypse hit, fortunately.


nicoleandmaggie said...

We just got the don't use energy text. It didn't go into that much detail though!

One of my students emailed saying she thinks she has covid and hasn't had heat or electricity since 5:30 yesterday. I'm not sure what to do about that (other than saying, yes she can have the homework extension she asked for).

delagar said...

My kid lost his power for about an hour -- it's back on now. But I've had three separate students send emails about losing their power.

And it's a low of 3 degrees tonight. Ugh.