Thursday, February 11, 2021


Because I was on sabbatical last semester, and am teaching f2f this semester, I taught my first zoom class today. (We had a snow day, which in the age of the pandemic means on-campus classes are cancelled, and we go to remote learning.)

Good points:

Almost all the students showed up.

Bad points:

They all kept their cameras and mics off (for which I do not blame them in the least, mind you -- I would do the same).

I could not get the screen sharing function to work. (I think I have this problem solved now, half an hour after the class ended.) This means all I could do was talk about how to use citation machine, instead of showing them how to use it. UGH.

My computer locked up two minutes into the class, and I had to shut it down and reboot. My students kindly did not leave during the five minutes this took.

No one asked any questions. Does this mean they didn't HAVE questions, or that they were afraid to ask, or...

Thanks, I hate it.

I have another class this evening. It should go better, since I think I have the bugs worked out. Famous last words.


nicoleandmaggie said...

I'm teaching the same class in person and online. I cold-call a bazillionty times more in the online class and we go a lot slower.

delagar said...

My night class went better -- I threatened them with calling on them, and then DID it a few times, and after that people started talking.

But still. UGH.