Saturday, May 16, 2020

Summer Has Arrived in Arkansas

We had a very cool April and May -- which was nice -- but yesterday a huge storm passed over us, bringing summer on its heels. Now it's hot and sticky, and the weather report promises more of the same for the foreseeable future.

The storm yesterday was especially unpleasant because we drove the kid back up the mountain to his apartment. Driving in a thunderous, windy downpour is never my favorite. And it was very windy.

The kid is planning to take a summer class, but everything is online now, and enrollment is way down. Who knows if his summer class will even make?

I've been advising our students all week about summer classes -- hardly anything will be offered, and of those few that were offered, almost none of making. I was supposed to teach a writing class, but it was cancelled. I'm not too upset, since that leaves me more time to write.

We put the AC on today. The cats do not approve.

Cats on the Porch, which is not accessible when we run the AC

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