Saturday, May 30, 2020

Day Ten

The weirdest part of this virus -- I still don't know if it's Covid-19 -- is the way the excruciating pain moves around my body.

Like, in the early days, it was pain in my knees and feet. Then those bones stopped hurting and my rib bones hurt. Then all my bones stopped hurting, except for mild aches, and I had a knife-like pain in my left kidney.

Which, as you can imagine, brought on some mild panic.

But that didn't last. The pain moved to my guts, where it stayed for several days. It felt exactly like shards of glass were stabbing me from the inside: first up high in my abdomen, then down on the right side, then a little higher on the right side.

Then I got a mean headache, which has lasted until this morning. The pain in my head moved around too -- low around my temples, then the middle of my forehead, and now up at the very top of my head, like a damn skullcap.

My fever is gone. And it never went to my lungs. So...good, I guess?

I'll be glad when I stop hurting.

Oh, my appetite is returning, but I can't eat much without feeling queasy.

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